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Early Work

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Self Portrait, intaglio print, 8"x10", 2005
Beside The Still Waters, intaglio print, 18"x24", 2004
Rustic, charcoal and conte crayon drawing, 18"x24", 2004
Old Shoes, vandykebrown print with kodalith negative, 11"x15", 2006
Whitetail Bucket, handbuilt ceramic, 5"X11", 2008
Little Bird, bronze, 7" tall, 2007
Nature's Way, silver gelatin print, 10"x8", 2006
Old Corncrib, digital print from kodalith negative, 8"X10", 2008
A Cowboy's Gear, digital print, 8"X10", 2007
Old Schoolhouse, digital scan from color slide, 10"X8", 2007
Old Coat, digital print, 10"X8", 2006
Gerbera Daisy, digital print, 10"X8", 2008
Ice Storm, digital print, 8"X10", 2008
Ode to Alexander Calder, mixed media sculpture, 5' tall, 2007
Faux Glass, glass and recycled plastic, 6"X24"X24", 2008
Wallflower... Selected Images from An Art Show Presented by Peggy Mothershead
September 22 - October 17, 2008
Graceland University, The Helene Center Student Gallery

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Adversity - detail
Cruelty - detail
Everlasting - detail
Forgiveness - detail
Goodness Grows
Goodness Grows - detail
Love Lies Bleeding
Perseverence & Character
Perseverence & Character - detail
Tears - detail
Silence Is Broken
Of Wild Things and Cornstalk Dreams
Senior Art Exhibition, March 30 - April 10, 2009
Graceland University, The Helene Center Student Gallery

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Installation View - East
Good Morning Earth (Butterfly detail)
The Story of My Heart, 18"X24", 2009
Rooted and Grounded, collage, 18"X24", 2009
Spreading Her Wings, collage, 18"X24", 2009
Peace, metal sculpture, 5' tall, 2009
Installation View - Northeast
Sunshine Comes After the Rain, altered objects, 8'X8', 2009
Sunshine Comes After The Rain -detail
Is This Heaven?, mixed media, 18"X36", 2009
Cornstalk Dreams, mixed media, 18"X36", 2008
The Harvests In, mixed media, 20"X32", 2009
Long Live the Weeds & Wildness, metal sculpture, 15" tall, 2009
The True Harvest, mixed media, 6"X3'X3', 2008
Installation View - West
Growing Season 1-4, metal scultpures, 7' tall, 2009
Farmscapes 1 (Generations), digital print on watercolor paper, 18"X24", 2009
Instrallation View- Sothwest
Farmscapes 2-4, digital prints on watecolor paper, 18"X24", 2009
I Feel No Shame, copper leaf sculpture, 4'X4', 2009
Country Things, mixed media, 3'X4', 2009
Rustic Rumble, mixed media, 2'X2', 2009
Heartland, mixed media, 2'X3', 2009
Now Is The Time
September 30 - October 21, 2016
Graceland University, Helene Center for the Visual Arts, Constance Gallery

Life happens
Time and circumstances can change
Powerful today
Weak tomorrow
I struggle in silence
Making art gives me strength
To overcome resistance
Ignore the voice of doubt
Allowing my thoughts to fly free, not to be contained any longer.

This show was shaped and formed by the Platonic Solids which occur naturally in nature, in particular, the Icosahedron. The fifth and final Platonic Solid having 20 triangular sides, the icosahedron symbolizes movement, flow, and change. It allows for freedom of expression and creativity. Its facets and symmetries compel our eyes and hearts to observe life more deeply.

This show is dedicated to those who struggle in silence. Whether it be a mental or physical condition. Let us look past the surface to find the common pattern which links us all. Let us always be humble and kind.

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