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Artist Statement

In stillness you represent something; In motion you are something. (Mark Anderson)

In my everyday work, I use my fingers and brain to retrieve bits of data and form them into useful and understandable information for other people. Similarly, the bits and pieces of my existence are what define and encompass my art work.

Art gives me a voice when I am uncomfortable speaking. I have always been a shy person and enjoy quiet activities. I loved to color when I was a little girl and once left my crayons on the carpet in front of the furnace. They melted into a beautiful puddle of color. I got into big trouble, but today, I still like to sit in a warm, comfortable place and sketch and dream. This quiet meditation allows my mind to run wild and find creative solutions about how to bring concepts from life into my artwork. 

I grew up on a small Iowa farm where the seasons passed swiftly by. Today, I walk those country roads and see cornfields and houses once brimming with life now empty. Nature is powerful and will quickly wash evidence of my existence away. I feel my smallness in the world and wonder how I can expand my understanding.  Confused, I searched and found inspiration in circles - where beginning and end are the same. Circles are the point of arrival and the point of departure. The solar system and universe rotate. The tornado and vortex spin. They inspire change and movement in my artwork as I cry, “I do exist.”

Joy and peace are a state of mind, easy for some to come by, often difficult for me. My artwork contains a few wild things and cornstalk dreams, that have brought and still do bring, intense joy to me – drawn from memory past and present.

Peggy Mothershead
December 5, 2008

Will You Dance With Me? (Sold)
Old Concrib, black & white silver gelatin print
Take Joy (Sold)