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Recent Art Work - For Sale
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A Land Flowing with Milk and Honey, 5'x36'x40", $400.00
Dreams are Fragile Things, 4 1/2"x26"x48", $200.00
Recent Art Work - Sold
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Jane Dear Wildflower, 36" x 5'
Forgetting Worries, commissioned by the Lamoni Iowa Beautification Committee and erected September 2012.
Example of Bike Racks commissioned by Decatur County Public Health. This one is located at Lamoni Iowa City Hall .  Sculptural and utilitarian.
Another Bike Rack commissioned by Decatur County Public Health located on the Leon Courthouse Lawn in September 2012.
Blue Heron, Who's Ghost Are You? 4 1/2'x3'x3'
Four Elements (Fire, Earth, Water, Air), 3 1/2"x10"x10" each
After Much Tribulation Comes The Blessing, 12"x15"x4'
Bluet 2, 12"x12"x3'
Along Public Roads Wildflowers Grow, 44"x3 1/2"x26"
Peach Tribute (Sincerity and Gratitude) 12"x12"x3'
Sun Bursts Forth, 3'x3'
Serpent Flower, 12"x12"x3'
Star of Bethlehem (Hope), from humble beginnings, 12"x3'
Sunrise, 3'x3'
The Earth Laughs in Flowers, 18"x18"x5'
The Earth Laughs in Flowers -close up
Weathered Butterfly, 12"
Wind Dancer, 12"x3'
Worth Beyond Beauty (Sweet Alyssum), 2'x2'x3'