Wild Quail (Sold)
Love Undiminished by Adversity (Sold)
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Someone once asked me, "Why do humans make art?" This can have many reasons, but for me it is about letting go. I think most of my life is like the stone that Michelangelo used to create his David  sculpture. This monstrous piece of stone had been rejected by one sculptor after another. They all considered it defective or unusable, but Michelangelo saw the form in the stone and created an exquisite work of art. I struggle to break free from the stones (such as work, personal and financial responsibilities) that imprison me. Art allows me to be like Michelangelo's David.  In the act of creating, I find release in expressing the passions of my soul.

I believe there is a direct connection between art and society. Art can change man and man can change art. Biologists say that experience cannot have any direct effect on heredity, but art has the ability to affect the future of mankind through social change. An individual can be deeply influenced by a work of art and be changed by it.

The Stone Age warrior, the primitive hunter/gather, the farmer and even today's skilled worker have all contributed to art and society. Most of us have the ability to express ourselves in some way to our fellow human beings, but a few of us (the great masters of art) will be able to express ourselves in a way that will influence other minds. I am not saying that I am a great master, but that I have in my soul the ability to create an environment which in time might change man's sensibility.

I create art largely on the basis of what I sense, feel and think, on what I value and cherish. For me, this creates order, out of chaos. It brings new perspectives, a new way of looking at life. But what reverberates in my heart the most is the ability to use art to change society for the better. There may be times when I want to create a piece of art designed to palpitate the receptor nerves of another human being to sharp attention. I want to help people respond more deeply to forms and colors. By reacting, people will be able to relate to my art and have a growing experience.

I am excited about communicating through my art and relating to new members of humanity.  Art can help humans relate to each other. Before realizing this, I often felt my art was weedy and empty, but now I know that the prize is the interaction and what I take away from it. And I hope my art will create new social interactions - creating a chain of action/reaction.
The True Harvest
Peace Crane (Sold)
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